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Explore thought-provoking themes, experience unexpected twists, and enjoy a creative experience like no other with Gary Paul Bryant’s books, short stories and music. Whether you’re a lifelong fan or a new visitor, there’s always something magical to discover here. Thank you for joining us on this remarkable adventure!

The Stringship ChroniclesThe Stringship Chronicles – Available NOW at Amazon
In this collection of 29 short stories, Bryant blurs the lines between the everyday and the paranormal. You’ll encounter mind-bending scenarios, time travel adventures, and even a unique take on the Second Coming. You won’t find any ghosts, demons, psychics, vampires or fairies in any of these stories, instead, you’ll explore uncharted territories of imagination, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. So, get ready for a thrilling journey into the paranormal side of life. “The Stringship Chronicles” promises unexpected twists and a fresh perspective on the extraordinary hidden in the mundane.

The First RideThe First Ride: The Real Story of Santa Claus
This is the perfect stocking stuffer! Gary Paul Bryant’s The First Ride: The Real Story of Santa Claus relates the touching drama of a Connecticut farm family’s experience with a mysterious new farm-hand and his extended family. Based on the diary of Max Pepin, who’s real farm has become part of Hopeville State Park in eastern Connecticut. From reindeer to big chimney arrivals, from elves to toys, The First Ride makes sense out of some of the mythological origins of our curious and benevolent American Santa Claus. Gift it Now!

The PhoneThe Phone and Other Short Stories
Enjoy this must-read collection of paranormal short stories that will have you feverishly turning each page with nervous anticipation! The Phone and Other Short Stories is a collection of nine short reads that in all, creates a battleground between the likes of Hitchcock and Twain. It’s a compromise of satire and science, of time travel and tall tale, but mostly just good fun. Titles include The Phone, A Man of Proverbs, A Bitter Climb, Stall, Gleason Snickell and the Search for Love, In the Woods Where the Widow Sings, Sweet Tooth, Awkward, and more.  The 19th-century legend and humorist Mark Twain once said, “If that rapscallion Bryant ever makes it into this world, pay no mind and remove yourself, lickety-split! His tomfoolery and short story shenanigans will decompose your sense of humor, as well as your belief in the hereafter or wherever your horse will take you!”  Available on Amazon!

The thing you need to understand right off the bat is: this is not real. The world you and I live in; we’re in a reworld. We are on the ‘do-over’ planet. Due to a convergence of several environmental catastrophes, the Earth will become inhabitable. This is the story of a second chance. A little time travel, a skosh of history, and a generous helping of speculative science-fiction brings us to the precipice of cataclysmic ruin and maybe, back again. Maybe.  Available on Amazon




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