Gary Paul BryantGary Paul Bryant is no stranger to the music scene. He is an eight-time ASCAP award-winning songwriter who has crossed many music genres including country, folk, jazz, and rock. Nowhere is this crossover more apparent than when you hear him perform live.

Gary started as a drummer and formed a band with some friends from high school. Says Bryant, “My very first gig was when I stepped in for my ill, older brother at a local bar. I was thirteen at the time.”  Over the years he’s performed not only in bars, taverns, weddings and shows, he even did a summer stint as a piano player at a variety of upscale east coast resort hotels. ”One night, it was just me and talk-show host Tom Snyder,” Bryant recalls, “he just wanted to hear Beatles songs. So I played Beatle songs: lots of them.”

Gary grew up in a small town in New England and by the age of 13, had taught himself how to play several instruments including guitar, drums, piano, and accordion. By 15, the fledgling songwriter had written his first song, Move Away. His high school band won some “Battle of the Bands” competitions which ultimately led them to a short-lived recording deal with RCA.

In 1979, Gary released one of the very first indie vinyl albums of the era,  Just a Word,  which was later released as a 25th anniversary CD edition in 2004. Since then, 18 other CDs have followed. These were the instrumental years. As a songwriter, much of his music during this period was licensed to radio and media agencies including Google, YouTube, and the NorthFace. Several of these releases garnered attention from around the world.  Notable tunes during this period included  WildLife, Deliberate Love, Smokin Mirrors and Street Monster, one of three songs that won a Hollywood Music in Media Nomination.

In 2017, Gary returned to country rock and vocals with a collaboration with his long-time guitarist and friend Dan Cowan. Dan provided lead and bass on several 2017 releases including; Pony, If I Don’t Have You, Interplanetary Love, and Take the Power.