25th Anniversary Edition of the First Ride

Everyone has their own version of the Santa Claus story. Whether its reindeer, a trip down the chimney, or elves crafting handmade toys, The First Ride breathes new life into the old myths surrounding everybody’s favorite saint: St. Nick!

As we read Max Pepin’s diary of life at his quiet, country homestead, we witness the arrival of a quirky new farm hand: Nicolas Claus. When a neighboring farmer suffers a calamity on Christmas eve, this new Pepin farmhand goes into action.

Told through the eyes of Max’s grandson, this charming story is set amid the snow drifts of Max’s farm in Connecticut. Today, this homestead is a part of the Hopeville State Park in eastern Connecticut. “Hopeville doesn’t exist anymore,” pines the narrator for times long gone, but “you can still park your car along the road and wander through trails and trees that were once the temporary home of Santa Claus.”

Title: The First Ride: The Real Story of Santa Claus
Author: Gary Paul Bryant
Publisher: Independent
Pub Date: Oct 1, 2018
ISBN-10: 1723916196
ISBN-13: 978-1723916199
Edition: 25th Anniversary Paperback Edition
Pages: 37
Price: $6.99 US
Audio version narrated by David Nickerson
Available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1723916196

Gary is the author of ‘The First Ride: The Real Story of Santa Claus’ and more than 12 other titles. He is also an eight-time ASCAP award-winning composer and songwriter.  You can learn more about Gary at his website, GaryPaulBryant.com.