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The Making of Crosby Stills, Nash & Young

The politically conscious, often volatile, singer/songwriters Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young were a folk rock supergroup that took its form from several well-known pop bands of the sixties. The group ultimately consisted of Birds guitarist David Crosby, Buffalo Springfield’s Stephen Stills , and Hollies member Graham Nash. Stills & Crosby met Nash at a party at Joni MItchell’s home, where they discover their 3-part harmonies were gold. Neil Young, a former band mate of Steven Stills in Buffalo Springfield, rounded out the group the following year.


In 1969, Crosby, Stills, & Nash first effort was the eponymous release, Crosby, Stills & Nash. The album spawned the Stills-penned hit “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.”  The group booked tour dates and appeared at Woodstock for their second performance. Some of us may remember Steven Stills remarking  to the audience, “This is the second time we’ve ever played in front of people, man. We’re scared shitless.”

The first Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young album was Déjà Vu, released in 1970. In addition to “Woodstock,” the album contains several memorable songs. Graham Nash contributed two of the band’s most well known songs, “Teach Your Children” and “Our House.” Neil Young’s most famous songwriting contribution to the band is “Ohio,” which is about the 1970 incident at Kent State University where the National Guard fatally shot 4 students and wounded 9.

Neil Young appeared with the group sporadically through the years. In total, the group has released 5 albums as Crosby, Stills, & Nash, and 4 albums as Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

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