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A Few Observations (humor)

OK Boomer

I’m shocked by a recent Pew Study that says us Baby Boomers who are approaching retirement are glum. Imagine! Us! We’re the “Me” generation, the “IT” generation, the “Have it your way” crowd, the “Hell no, we won’t go” consortium.

We made headlines for years complaining about everything from war to sexism to bubblegum music, we stole the thunder from our parents who actually saved the free world during the 1940s. Hell,  we even stole attention from our own kids by having way better music than theirs, and what’s more, we’re now spending more money on pot and left-wing politics than we spent on their educations. We’re being encouraged to head off to a reluctant pasture taking a good chunk of their future earnings with us. You’re OK Boomer- no wonder.

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