How music started

Music is a Part of Us

How long have people been playing musical instruments? Who first decided to start singing instead of shouting? In schools, music programs are almost always the first to get the budget ax, symbolizing the low regard some communities have for its importance. According to Jeremy Montagu, of the University of Oxford, says that music is human initiated sounds that convey emotion. Take hand-clapping, probably the first rhythmic instrument, it can be done softly or loudly, done in appreciation of a cultural performance, or done angrily, as perhaps at a political rally or protest. When does speech become music? When we use it to employ create tone or song.

Look throughout recorded history, and you’ll see one consistent fact, whether it was announced in the 13th century simply by making it, or the 19th century in European concert halls or shared today via Facebook and Twitter; music brings us together.

Source: How Music and Instruments Began: A Brief Overview of the Origin and Entire Development of Music, from Its Earliest Stages.