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A Few Observations (humor)

Folks don’t need jobs, they need money!

Politicians, high-brow liberals, and short-sighted conservatives like to push the idea that a job is a solution to everything. Are the rest of us idiots? Unemployment is at its lowest since WWII. Most of us who want to work have jobs. In fact, we have two or three or four jobs. What we’re really after is a decent living and that takes money.

Republicans keep pointing fingers at immigrants for taking our jobs. They’re wrong! ROBOTS have been taking our jobs for decades. Ask any former autoworker. Now robots are poised to take delivery jobs, pilot jobs, medical jobs, security jobs, and many many others.

Guess what? They’re even taking middle manager jobs that require advanced education. So instead, we’ve been told to follow our artistic bent; follow our dreams. Well, now there are millions upon millions of writers, composers, photographers, and painters trying to eke out a living doing what they love while they watch the value of their work plummet because there simply isn’t a need for 10 million blog writers or photographers.

Recent reports and surveys suggest that more than a third of households in American could not afford a four-hundred-dollar emergency. Another survey pointed to Social Security recipients. More than a quarter of them rely on it for one-hundred percent of their income. Our last federal shutdown put a large portion of furloughed government employees in dire straights in just a couple of weeks. Full-time government workers were strapped for cash in less than a month! What happened to the six months to a year of safety savings? You can’t save it if you don’t ever make enough to save.

I’m just as capitalistic as the next guy, except maybe I’m not. Our technology is destroying the idea of work, of holding a job, of earning a living. In the future, there simply will not be enough work for people to do. We need to figure out how to separate self-worth from how much money we make: how we physically live. So that the less advantaged among can live with a little self-respect, and the wealthy among cannot feel their own self-worth threatened while still sharing a little of their good fortune with others.

I have a friend who worked for Uber, Lyft, and Door Dash, all while holding a full-time day job. This is the reality that many people live with. They either are using up all of their waking hours working to make ends meet, or they are simply not making ends meet. We’ve got plenty of shitty jobs. What we need is money and dignity. Got any of that?

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