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Gary sings lead and backup on all of the vocal tunes in this collection. He also plays piano, synth, bass, acoustic and electric guitar, drums, harmonica, and accordion on various tracks. Gary has written all of the music on this website.

Special thanks to…

Dan Cowan
Dan first worked with Gary in a band from Bellingham Washington in 1978 called Mica. The following year, Dan was the lead guitarist on our vinyl release ‘Just a Word’. Dan & Gary stayed in touch over the years, occasionally adding his lead guitar talents and backup vocals on one tune or another. On this site, these tracks are available on Take the Power and Breathe collections.  Through the years, Dan has worked with several West Coast bands including Rockin Horse, Dusty Angel, Indica, and Yung Devals. Today, he continues to perform with several groups including The Jack Benson Band, Diva, and the Dudes.

Musicians, modules and more…

Todd Sorensen contributed several drum loops via DrumsOnDemand.

Eric Persing and his Atmosphere synth module from Spectronics.

David Milzow contributes Sax samples via Ueberschall’s Liquid Instruments.

Kai Reuter does a few selected guitar rifts on Big Face through Ueberschall’s Liquid Instruments.

Nick Phoenix adds his world-class drum sounds through his Quantum Leap production of StormDrums. Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix brought us the great Symphonic Orchestra from East/West Quantum Leap as well as several samples from Symphonic Choirs.

On Just a Word, we have Dan Cowan on lead guitar, bass, and backup vocals, Todd McCoy is on drums with Joe Getgenon on bass and vocals. Dave Wayne does lead guitar on By the Side of the Road.  Skip Thomas blows out the Sax on Crunchy Piano

On Everybody Dreams, Dan Cowan on lead guitar, Todd Smallwood is studio engineer, Gary on keys and lead vocals.

Instruments …
Over the years, Gary’s tools have included keyboards by Yamaha, Korg, Casio and Roland, primarily the Fantom 88. Guitars include Fender Telecasters and Stratocasters Martin acoustics, as well as Gibson, Epiphone, and others.

Web site photo source: Pixbay

Special thanks to StefwithanF over at Pixabay for the purple dove on our website.

Thank you all!