On Typing - Gary Paul Bryant

In search of perfection: Learning to type (again)

I’m typing this now. I’ve been practicing on and off for 50 years. I should be good. I suck. I’m of the opinion that I simply can’t improve from where I am.  I seem to be at the great wall of Hermes with no gate or doorway in site. I cannot break through. My fingers do not go where I direct them, even after hours and hours of continual practice. If I look at the keyboard I can do much better, but I still can’t seem to improve. The mess I’ve created above has been mercifully cleaned up by the word processing program I’ve employed as a buffer between me and the computer, thank you very much. I had to look deeper into the problem; look at the bright side.

Thanks to practice, I have improved in one way; I am able to make my mistakes that much faster. My accuracy in making these mistakes seems to be improving as well. I no longer hesitate when I accidently type the wrong key; I simply go right to the erroneous little bugger and complete the dubious task quite efficiently. My only regret really is that all of those years of winning spelling bees has simply not paid off.  Competing in spelling bees, while admirable for seventh graders, is of no regard for a sixty-year-old man. Unfortunately, I would do much better in a spelling bee than at a job which requires typing.

Never fear, however, I will continue my efforts in the direction of mastering this puzzling craft and I won’t stop till I can score 100% inaccuracy! – Gary Paul Bryant

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