Dan first worked with me in a band from Bellingham Washington in 1978 called Mica, which also included bassist Joe Getgen and powerhouse drummer Todd McCoy. The following year, Dan was lead guitarist on our vinyl release ‘Just a Word’. Dan & I stayed in touch over the years, occasionally collaborating on one tune or another. In 2017, we continue producing tunes that hopefully people find interesting. Dan’s contribution, with his musicianship, production talent and perseverance is a corner stone to the success of this new CD from Bryant & Cowan.

Dan uses a combination of old-school effects with a Marshall amp, or modern guitar modeling software (various) with FRFR powered speakers. He’s also known to use a Roland GR-1 guitar synth.

Through the years, Dan has worked with several northwest bands including Rockin Horse, Dusty Angel, Indica, and Yung Devals. Today, when not recording with Gary, Dan continues to perform with several groups including The Jack Benson Band, Divas and the Dudes, and the Neil Young Tribute Band.

Dan’s influences are found in the music of some of Rock’s greatest musicians and writers including Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Caravan, Alan Parsons, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Nik Kershaw.

You can listen to some of Dan’s own original music at his website here. – Gary