About Gary

Gary Paul BryantMultidisciplinary artist Gary Paul Bryant has produced a diverse body of work. From software coder, business analyst to social-worker and media creative, he’s walked many paths in life and that is reflected in his music and stories. An award-winning musician, songwriter, and composer, his music encompasses everything from world fusion to country ballads to rock anthems in his extensive catalogue of album releases and soundtracks. He has contributed to a wide variety of multi-media projects including film, radio, podcasts, television, and web projects.



  • At 13 years-old he sat in for his older brother and played drums at a local dive bar
  • Performing at a piano bar in Groton Ct, he was bitten on the leg by an off-duty British Navy Officer
  • Thousands of YouTube videos use his instrumental music
  • He’s dropped out of more colleges than most people can name, including Berklee
  • His instrumental music has been streamed more than 25 million times.
  • He’s so not-famous that he’s listed in Who’s Not Who.
  • He came close to suicide after waiting on-hold for 55 minutes with the IRS, listening to his own music.
  • He’s been nominated for Hollywood Music in Media three times
  • When everyone else is dying or retiring, he’s launching a music career
  • Everyone he knows plays flute better than he does
  • Fun fact: He’s never played flute
  • He literally dug up his own bandmate Dan, who’s graciously added his God-like guitar talent to this new project
  • And by the way, he just decided to start singing

Gary is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP. He is also a voting member of The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS).