Getting the band back together

Time marches on, but we’re not dead yet! Back in 1979, long before CDs, the Internet and streaming, I recorded my very first vinyl album, Just a Word, in a little recording studio in Bellingham Washington. One of the musicians performing on that record was Dan Cowan, an outstanding, multi-talented musician, who recently agreed to join forces with me one more time for the Krotchet project, a new collection of good old-fashioned rock tunes that we’ll be releasing digitally and on CD in August. Dan’s virtuoso guitar playing takes my songs to places I never thought they could go. As a teaser, we’ve just digitally released Interplanetary Love, which should be available on Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, iTunes and other streaming services this week.

Feel free to share the song, send us your feedback, and let us know how you’re doing. Krotchet may sound like the name of a band of old fogeys but listen to the music, and you’ll figure out we’re not falling asleep anytime soon. – Gary

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