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Welcome to my music page!  Here you can find links to songs and CDs  I’ve written and recorded over the last many years. Just this past year, my friend Dan Cowan help me with a new group of tunes you can hear further down the page. It was fun and good to work with Dan again. My music is available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and a whole bunch of other sites. To see what people around the world have done with my music in their videos, you can click this Google link. Thanks for stopping by!




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Rocket Jazz
Something About You
True Fusion
imaginary piano
Legacy - Bryant
Aurora Blue
Big World - Bryant



Racism, sexism, facism- thought we left that all behind in the last century. We were wrong. Gary on vocals, synth & rhythm guitar, Dan on lead, bass, and everything that makes it sound good.

      Take the Power






Pony - Bryant & Cowan

I detect a taste of Brown Sugar here. Just looking to make an old-fashioned rock & roll tune suitable for a Saturday night out. Dan on lead, rhythm guitars, and bass, I do vocals and rhythm guitar.








I Need the Money - Bryant & Cowan

One of my favorite blues artists was Long John Baldry.  While it’s not a tribute track or clone, we put this together with John in mind.  Dan on lead, keys, and bass, I do vocals and rhythm guitar and organ.


      I Need the Money






Shadow of Your DreamHave you ever been in a situation where an attraction was just too great to ignore? Ever walk down the street and for a brief moment wonder “Only if…”? Can’t get the thought of somebody out of your head? This song’s for you. Dan Cowan on guitars & bass, Gary does a little guitatr and vocals.

      Shadow of Your Dream







On the heels of Interplanetary Love, we ‘re able to release ‘If I Don’t Have You.’  It’s a song about last chances and true love. Gary sings and does keys, while Dan Cowan once again adds his special guitar interpretation. Available from the link below.

      If I Dont Have You







Just can’t seem to find that right someone? Consider an extraterrestrial. Might be just what the doctor ordered. I wasn’t smoking anything when I wrote it.

      Interplanetary Love






John Lennon was probably my favorite Beatle back in the day. Every now and again I would wonder what he might think of the world today. That’s what this song is about. This song won a Hollywood Music in Media nomination and was an honorable mention in the International Songwriting Contest.

      If John Were Here

I Just Want to Breath
This tune is on the ‘One More Day’ CD available at Amazon. This is another Bryant/Cowan collaboration, where Dan adds lead guitar, background vocals and very special effects. The very first version of this song came about in 2002.

      I Just Want to Breath

Everybody Knows
Some of you might recognize the music to this track. It’s ‘Anybody Anywhere’ from ‘Big World’ with lyrics added. Originally recorded in 2004, it’s been remastered and mixed for this 2017 release.

      Everybody Knows

This track was first published on the ‘Tough Love’ CD in 2009. We’ve remastered it and included it on ‘One More Day.’ Just one of those expressions of experience – if I only knew then what I know now.

      When I Was U

It Would All Go Away
This is a love song, plain and simple.  No big background sounds, no screaming guitar or complex harmonies, just an acoustic guitar, one harmonica and a voice.

      It Would All Go Away


Written when Gary was about 15 years old. Recorded at Thunder Oak Studios in Bothell, Wa in 1979. The players; Gary played keys and sang, Dan Cowan on lead guitar, Todd McCoy on drums, with Joe Getgun on bass. Recorded live.

      From the Gods

Recorded live in Bellingham Washington at the Fairhaven College (WWU) recording studio in 1979. The 25th anniversary edition digitally was digitally remixed and rerecorded on August 10, 2004.

      Crunchy Piano