People that know me know about my love-hate relationship with boats and boating. Here are a few of my previously published articles that some boaters may find helpful, and non-boaters can simply refer to them as warnings.

stay ahead of the head

Staying ahead of the ‘head’

When Thomas Crapper invented the first flush toilet he wasn’t thinking about whether it would work on a boat. It wouldn’t. Since then, a lot of clever people have attempted to solve the marine toilet or ‘head’ problem for boaters. It’s been a challenge for sailor and skipper alike, ever since the concept sanitation made its way into the consciousness of proper nautical society. Continue reading “Staying ahead of the ‘head’”

boating superstitions

Boating Superstitions

We can certainly feel lucky being part of the boating community, a like-minded, good-natured group of nautical recreators enjoying marina and marine life and everything it has to offer. So the question is, can we also be nautically superstitious? A quick look through the annals of mariner history near and far suggest that we Continue reading “Boating Superstitions”

Port Townsend

A maritime visit to Port Townsend

Sure, Sucia is nice, so is Friday Harbor, but occasionally, a bird needs to spread its wings and fly, boaters need to hoist their sails and … you get the picture. If you haven’t docked at Port Townsend, you’re in for a treat! Below I mention a few features of this eastern peninsula port that just might get you to untie those lines and Continue reading “A maritime visit to Port Townsend”


In Puget Sound, you may not get a chance to get hypothermia

The average temperature of Puget Sound in January is 45 degrees, not the most pleasant swimming weather. Check back in July and the average temperature is 51 degrees, though you might a find a shallow bay or two at a whopping 55 degrees. Wow, you say, just like Hawaii. Not quite. Continue reading “In Puget Sound, you may not get a chance to get hypothermia”