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the hack

Hacking and small business owners

To say that the security breach at Sony several years ago was an IT catastrophe would be an understatement.  A group of hackers known as the GOP or “Guardians of Peace,”  stealthily acquired most or all of the company’s sensitive materials, from emails to user passwords and much more. The group, rumored to be affiliated with Continue reading “Hacking and small business owners”

nothing change

Nothing changes if nothing changes

The impression most people have of company CEOs, corporate presidents, and other business leaders, is that of the visionary, the decision maker, the person who ‘knows’ where the market is headed and ultimately where the company is moving; he or she is the far-sighted company luminary.  Interestingly, if a person has the vision Continue reading “Nothing changes if nothing changes”

You can’t know everything and a leader isn’t afraid to admit it

You thought you were the smart one, a shining example of leadership. The brother or sister that knew how to replace the family VCR with a TiVo. You read books about HTML and helped your uncle add a shopping cart to his locksmith website. You were in the know Continue reading “You can’t know everything and a leader isn’t afraid to admit it”

boating superstitions

Boating Superstitions

We can certainly feel lucky being part of the boating community, a like-minded, good-natured group of nautical recreators enjoying marina and marine life and everything it has to offer. So the question is, can we also be nautically superstitious? A quick look through the annals of mariner history near and far suggest that we Continue reading “Boating Superstitions”

Port Townsend

A maritime visit to Port Townsend

Sure, Sucia is nice, so is Friday Harbor, but occasionally, a bird needs to spread its wings and fly, boaters need to hoist their sails and … you get the picture. If you haven’t docked at Port Townsend, you’re in for a treat! Below I mention a few features of this eastern peninsula port that just might get you to untie those lines and Continue reading “A maritime visit to Port Townsend”