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Rediscovering Leon Russell

It’s been a year since  Leon Russell passed and we all still miss him. Leon Russell has always been one of my major influences. The silver long hair and mirrored sunglasses aside, Russell’s keyboard style and performance charisma were traits to be admired among other keyboardists.  In the early days with Joe Cocker, Eric Clapton and George Harrison, many thought, Continue reading “Rediscovering Leon Russell”

stay ahead of the head

Staying ahead of the ‘head’

When Thomas Crapper invented the first flush toilet he wasn’t thinking about whether it would work on a boat. It wouldn’t. Since then, a lot of clever people have attempted to solve the marine toilet or ‘head’ problem for boaters. It’s been a challenge for sailor and skipper alike, ever since the concept sanitation made its way into the consciousness of proper nautical society. Continue reading “Staying ahead of the ‘head’”

John Baptiste

What’s the deal with John Baptiste?

If you’ve ever watched The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, you’ve seen John Baptiste. He’s Colbert’s bandleader, pianist, mellotron aficionado that quietly, but very masterfully, brings the Jazz out of the The Late Show’s house band – Stay Human.

I hadn’t heard of him before Colbert- but heck, he’s just a kid practically! Continue reading “What’s the deal with John Baptiste?”

digitally abandonned

Digitally Abandoned Children: Should We be Worried?

In my story “Gleason Snickell and the Search for Love”, twelve-year-old Gleason plots with his nine year old neighbor to run away from home, mainly because they were feeling the pain of neglect of a dysfunctional family. It wasn’t because dad was an alcoholic, or that mom turned tricks when she should have been helping them with homework, it was because the parents were too absorbed in their own digital lives on Continue reading “Digitally Abandoned Children: Should We be Worried?”

the road ahead

Left behind on the road ahead

Some small business websites are still being created and managed by well-meaning nephews and nieces, and the accounting is done by Aunt Martha, who thinks QuickBooks will simply take too long to master.

Continue reading “Left behind on the road ahead”


Technology Bloviators: What can they do for you?

You’ve heard them at conferences; you’ve read their techno-babble infused pontifications on hundreds of technology websites. You’re afraid you might throw yourself into a vat of melting cellphone touch screens if you have to listen to one more technology bloviator Continue reading “Technology Bloviators: What can they do for you?”