The basics with fishfinders


A fish finder, or fish sounder, is basically a small sonar device that enables a fisherman to ‘See’ in the water to understand what is on the bottom of a lake. These units are basically little sonar devices that send out a pulse of sound energy and recognizing the reflection, or the echo back.

Today’s modern fish finder will interpret the return of these sound pulses in a way that can be understood through a LED display. A depth finder is almost always an integrated part of a fish finder, and you’ll get a numerical value as far as to what the depth of the water actually is.

A fish finder doesn’t always allow you to see exactly where a fish is, though sometimes a few fish or a school of fish will show as a scattering of little dots.

There are really two things a fish finder does that lets you have a much better chance of finding out where the fish are:

It will tell you where the thermocline is. The thermocline is a horizontal boundary between a warmer layer of water, usually above, and a colder layer of water, usually below. If you know the water temperature that a particular species of fish likes to hang out in, you’ll know how deep to set your bait or have a lure swimming. This will vastly increase your chances of getting a hit.

You’ll see on the display screen, a topical graph with colors that represent different objects. This will allow you to distinguish an outcropping of rock from a submerged pile of trees. You’ll also be able to see things like an underwater cliff; all places that fish naturally tend to congregate to hide safely. The information on the display screen will give you a very good idea of the depth of and location of any debris on the sea bottom which will to allow you to fish over or off to one side.

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