Gary is a creator of symphonic rock and world fusion music that’s ideally suited for multi-media projects like film, radio, pod casts,  games and television as well as personal listening. Thousands of businesses and individuals have used Gary’s music as soundtracks in their  YouTube projects as well. 

True Fusion - Gary Paul Bryant True Fusion This album is a true fusion of musical styles, instruments and genres. Triatta from True Fusion has been nominated for 2013 Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Gary has produced yet another outstanding collection of symphonic rock.     




Aurora Blue by Gary Paul BryantAurora Blue Gary’s 15th instrumental release jumps into uncharted fusion territory, defying genre and tradition, Aurora Blue melds the sophistication of Jazz with Rock, Classical and World elements to create a new progressive fusion.    




BIG WORLD  by Gary Paul BryantBig World Big World is an instrumental rock fusion collection with strong hints of jazz and world music elements.  Noise Behind the Door was nominated for best World Fusion song by Hollywood Music in Media. From the hot sax licks in Big Face to the cinematic qualities of Coranado, Big World is big on fusion.    




Guitar Games  by Gary Paul Bryant Guitar Games After a decade of new-age and jazz focused work, Gary straps on a Les Paul for rock fun and Guitar Games. You can listen to each song in their entirety, download any for only 88 cents each for personal use, or get an instant non-exclusive license when you click the license link associated with each song.    




TubeMusic  by Gary Paul Bryant Tube Music This compilation is a collection of instrumental themes, music beds and bumpers, specifically for video and film creators as well as game developers and multi-media hobbyists, anyone seeking original music for their projects.    




Tough Love by Gary Paul Bryant Tough Love This is Gary’s first album with vocals and his own lyrics in a number of years. After a decade of instrumental jazz fusion, his rock ballad side is leaking out with a few new  perspectives.      




WildLife by Gary Paul Bryant WildLife “Compelling right off the top, drives all the way through- reminds me in some ways of John Lurie’s stuff for the “Get Shorty” movie. The end reminded me of Gil Evans and Miles Davis in the Porgy and Bess recordings. Highest compliments. – Charlie Cheney, Fremont, Michigan   




Imaginary Piano by Gary Paul Bryant Imaginary Piano “There’s nothing imaginary about Gary Paul Bryant’s latest CD release, ‘Imaginary Piano.’ It’s crossover that’s crossed over and come back again. It’s brand-new age that lifts you up and keeps you there. “ – Solo Piano    




Legacy by Gary Paul Bryant Legacy Yet another collection of orchestral, cinematic and piano featured instrumental rock compositions.You can listen to each song and download any for only 88 cents -just click the album title.